Yet Another Step to my Life Getting in Order

What has happened here, my friends, is that I have found an amazing route through college that doesn’t lean on how I do in high school. Let me explain.

The crucial intermediate step to what I plan on doing

Okay, so, here’s the gist of it. I go to the Community College of Philadelphia. Take 24 (not necessarily, just less than 45) of their credits that line up with what I’d be taking in my first two years of Drexel. I bust my ass (if I even need to; I’m not entirely convinced it’ll be an incredible challenge, but let’s be real here, I probably will either way because of my kinda desperate need to get the money here) through those two years and keep a GPA of at least 3.76 overall. Sign up for the Dual Admission program for Drexel once I finish that, and alongside that, apply for financial aid with Drexel. That’s the plan.

Now what does that mean? Well, according to Drexel’s price calculator, because of the financial aid I’d qualify for, I’d end up paying somewhere in the neighborhood of 25k-30k depending on Hanennin’s income (as I’d be firmly not living with mother and father by this point). On top of that, after applying for Dual Admissions after getting an Associate’s Degree from CCoP, I’d get 16k in merit scholarship money per year (hence the focus on the 3.76 or higher GPA). That, my friends, puts me at around 28k for my entire Drexel experience, as that’s the, say 30k a year, minus the 16k a year scholarship. That’s something far more manageable than the approximately 200k for my entire experience had I gone straight into Drexel with no assists anywhere, or even the 120k a year after financial aid from Drexel. Those are all super fuzzy numbers, and honestly I might’ve straight up done the math wrong somewhere in there, but you get the idea. I’ll be saving a lot of money by going this route.

Yes, yes I do plan on being dirt poor. After coming out as all of the “abominations” that I will upon moving out, I sure as hell won’t be able to count on mother and father for help. Having an Associate’s Degree is gonna help a lot in terms of money, which I’m definitely going to need even under these ideal circumstances. Also, I neither expect nor want to live under Hanennin’s roof for free, so I’ll need some substantial pocket change to pay for rent and groceries. Money won’t be easy to come by – it never is gonna be, given where I live and who I am, honestly – and that means I’m gonna have to use every avenue I have to make this work and get every spare penny I can.

Overall, though, this is a really good thing. I’m so glad that I finally have a concrete plan for getting what I need and making it through college in one piece. I’ll be away from my parents, I’ll be free, and even if I’ll be living on a bit of a tight budget, that won’t be forever. As per Brad’s advice (RIT Brad, not Junior Brad), I’ll be working to make connections, and as per “the duplo diplomat”‘s advice, there’s also gonna be some volunteer work involved over my CC summers that I won’t be on my co-ops. I’m confident that these plans are going to work – as ludicrous as it sounds, there aren’t too many places it could go wrong. The only real issue I see popping up is what if Drexel and CCoP end their agreement, which I mean, is unlikely, as well as the fact that I’ll still have an Associate’s Degree saying I can handle myself in college, something that’s quite a bit of weight to throw around when applying anywhere, honestly.

And that’s about all I gots for you friends today. I’m in a really good mood because of all this, and despite my parents’ protests otherwise, I am determined to steer this ship myself.


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