Started Pretty High up, Now I’m Here

Today was pretty awesome at school, and then has kinda spiraled rapidly downward since I got home.

Positivity Gardna here to help out!

The first half of the day was absolutely amazing. I spent the whole time down at the Activity Fair, getting people to join Quizbowl, and actually getting a few people interested. We filled two sign up sheets, and there were a few others who didn’t sign up but said they were interested. Feels pretty great, and a lot of them were juniors and sophomores who’d continue the Quizbowl legacy! It was all around really fun, and I enjoyed going to that, and then going straight to lunch. Good shit.

Second half of the day was solid. All my classes were pretty meh. In Comp, we started our ekphrasis project, which is essentially just a very intense, figurative language-heavy descriptive piece about a piece of artwork. I’m already looking at Robert McCall, because I loved what I saw when I found him, and they’re always so packed with “moving parts” that I’ll have plenty to talk about.  Calc is hopefully gonna turn around for the better, because we have a quiz on Monday worth more than the one I recently failed, and I’m hoping that this quiz will go better. I’m a lot more comfortable with this content, and most importantly, it doesn’t involve trig. I hate trig.

The bus ride was also pretty nice, honestly. I got to enjoy it with Nicole and Taylor, and it was just all around pleasant. Quite frankly, I have no memory of what we were talking about, other than briefly discussing my appearance in middle school (terrifying) and how Taylor and I became friends (I was there for her when her ex was being a scumbag).

Aaaaaand, then I got home. Basically, the main causes of my woes are two things. I’m really fucking sick, and feel like garbage as a result, not remotely helped by me having eaten 3000 calories today and losing progress in my weightloss. Also, I made myself look like a dumbass to the Assistant Director of Admissions for RIT by asking a question that had an answer based on 1) personal factors, and 2) information found on their site. I’ll still give my application there everything I’ve got, but I’m very concerned about my prospects there. Also, Brad had several serious extracurriculars he didn’t mention, and mine are just Quizbowl, GSA, and a few things I’m literally just joining this year. That, piled on with my downward trend in grades, and I’m just not very sure I’m getting into RIT. I have cards in my favor, but I don’t know if they’ll play out.

And to ice the shitty shit shit cake, my brother has decided that I’m not gonna use the computer right now, or likely at all tonight. Amazing. And to think, today started off so well.


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